Roadmap + Africa's time

Hello everyone,

Here is the new roadmap of the game

June 2021


The government can build universities in its cities. These will provide country players with a study bonus in all areas of the economy (extraction, industry, research) but also in medicine. There will be a maximum bonus impossible to exceed to protect weak countries.

Residential area

The department in charge of spatial planning can also build residential areas in the cities of the country. These will allow the public treasury to collect taxes on the construction of homes (small house, villa, ...) by the players. As with universities there will be a maximum bonus for residential areas to protect weak countries.

Peace proposal

As already indicated in a previous post it is currently impossible to abbreviate a war, once it started it is necessary to wait 30 days. The objective is to allow the belligerents to finish it before this deadline.

July 2021

Commercial contract

Players and companies will be able to sign contracts with each other to pay and deliver goods every day automatically.

National success

Countries will have successes to win gold coins, for example we could imagine a success "bombard 50 regions" to win 10 gold coins, ...

September 2021

Espionnage and counter-espionage

Countries will be able to designate spies that will reap information on enemy powers (supply capacity, points of action, ...).


The spies can also sabotage the enemy buildings, for example destroy or damage military bases or antimissile defenses, they can also affect the refueling capabilities of the armies, for example block the gun supply of a division.


New countries will be added as weeks, we will begin with X African countries, namely Morocco, Algeria, Congo and South Africa.
Players can vote on discord to find out what I will start.

After this roadmap

This roadmap is part of the short term, namely the next 4 months, but other updates, important or not, are also planned, for example the Air Force, taking into account the Monetary inflation, ...