Dev diaries #2 | GDP, Rankings and UNSC Reform

Dev diaries #2 | GDP, Rankings and UNSC Reform

Hello to all,

The content of the article concerns an upcoming update, this one will be deployed on October 17th.

If you are interested in the game click here:

Update to the gross domestic product

The game currently has only one ranking to display the GDP of the different countries. It will now be possible to have the GDP of the primary or industrial sector in addition to the global GDP. Later on, the goal is even to have the GDP for each sub-sector, for example the ranking of countries by GDP in the food industry.

The calculation method will be updated, the most difficult to get items will offer a better score.

New badges

In addition to these changes there will be three new badges (and only for countries), one badge per ranking.

Global GDP -> world's largest economy
Primary sector -> largest producer of raw materials
Industrial sector -> largest industry

New rankings

Technological powers

Countries will be ranked according to the number of research points (military or naval) they have produced during the month. At the end of the month the country with the highest score will earn a badge of the first technological power.


Countries will also be ranked according to the number of military victories they have, two badges will be available at the end of the month, the best army and the best navy.

Global influence

Every day the different countries in the game will gain influence according to their position in the different rankings.

Security Council Reform

At the end of each month, the three countries with the most influence will be the new members of the UN Security Council.