Dev Diaries #1 Congress and taxes

Hello to all,

This time the game development team offers you a big update of the user interface in the political module.

The congress update

How to congress look in game

The congress is an important place of power in the game, it has been a while since it needs a total overhaul of its interface, this time has come, so we have reworked all pages of the congress.

Tips: holding the executive power is one thing, but make sure you have allies in Congress, that can always help.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of changes:
-a numerical indicator allows from the menu to know how many votes are taking place at this very moment.
-a new menu allows to access the most important pages for the legislative life of your country (management of taxes, budgets, ...)
-the management of the votes has been simplified, the page is now split in two, one for the votes in progress and the other for the history of the congress.

Taxes and fees

Taxes management

The interface has been completely reworked, with a simple click it is possible to modify a tax on production or the VAT of a product.

And the other taxes?

The page to manage other taxes (income tax, dividend tax, ...) has also been updated. No new features but more beautiful to see.

Tips: without taxes no budgets and without budgets no army and infrastructure. But beware, too much tax can kill the country's economy.

What can I expect next?

The next big update of the interface will concern the management of cities and buildings. Currently this one is tedious, the objective will be to simplify all this.