Influence wars

Hello everyone,

We are launching a new event, this is an opportunity to reshuffle the cards of the game, players will have to use strategy, politically and militarily, to gain influence and hope to win the event. The three most influential countries at the end of the event will be the next members of the United Nations Security Council.

The event will start on April 25 and end on May 25

Choose your battles carefully

Players will have to choose their battles carefully because the influence gained at the end of a battle depends on the region that is in play, it is more important for example to recover a capital than a secondary city, it is also necessary to take into account the regional resource, some resources are more important than others, for example uranium, tungsten and titanium are rare and important for the military industry, it will be necessary to take care to cut off the supply of the enemy countries in these various resources.

Don't forget the strategic objectives

During the event the different countries of the game will be able to accomplish strategic objectives, there are two types of objectives, to become a world reserve or to take control of a maritime zone.

For example, you can make your country the world's largest uranium reserve or take control of the Pacific and its trade routes.

Capital cities

This is the first of two updates introduced at the event. The president of each country will be able to choose its capital, only within the legitimate provinces.

What will be the advantages of having one?

As you know, each city in the game has a size limit beyond which it is impossible to go, the capital will have a bonus of space, so it can accommodate more buildings and infrastructure.

Can we change it?

Yes, the president can ask for a change of capital, this change can only be done once a month and will require a significant investment.

What are the risks?

The main risk is to lose your capital during a war. The cost in terms of stability will be more important than losing a simple region.

During the event, losing your capital will considerably reduce your influence.

Rocket launchers

Here is the second update for the event. Soldiers will be able to use rocket launchers on the battlefield to destroy enemy vehicles.