Alliance and Diplomacy

Alliance and Diplomacy

Hello to all of you,

Finally a new article on the blog! The development of the game is not idle, moreover there will be soon a series of articles on the roadmap of the game with improvements and new features.

Today we are going to talk about alliances, not the previous system (we will talk about it again) but the new system.

From now on, countries can group together in alliances, which will have their own identity with a name, a logo, a presentation text and even a discord link!

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What do the alliances look like?

Each alliance has a leader, it is the founding country of the alliance at the beginning, thereafter the member countries can vote for a new leader (once every 30 days). The leader can choose the composition of the central office, which can invite or expel countries.

The operation is highly democratic, each resolution (change of leader, invite or expel a country) must be voted by the majority of the member countries.

The players have already started to create alliances, there are currently 5. The two most important ones are The confederation (created by Ireland) and Pax Terra Omni (created by China).

Some changes

To avoid confusion the old alliance system has been renamed mutual defense pact, except for this name change the functioning has not changed.

In the national budgets

Countries now have a diplomatic budget, which will be used to pay the initial cost of creating an alliance and this budget will be used to send gold coins to allied countries.

Coming soon

These are the foundations, other updates will follow to flesh out the alliances, the first will be an inter-allied market.