United nations for peace and cooperation

United nations for peace and cooperation

Hello to all of you,

The adventure started 2 years ago, many updates have followed and the game doesn't really look like what it was at the beginning (and so much the better). The United Nations is the last big update, for the moment only the basics have been laid down but these are essential for the next updates, for example international treaties, political and commercial sanctions (embargoes), ...

Excitement is at its peak regarding future developments of the game, many players are providing ideas on the Discord, if you are interested you can also join the adventure by clicking here: https://www.warofrepublics.com/en/

Once registered you can join the Discord and follow the development of the game.

Here is the current status of the United Nations.

The assembly

All resolutions, for example development aid, will have to be debated and voted on by the UN General Assembly. Each country in the game has a seat in the assembly and therefore a vote. The voting time for a resolution is 36 hours.

The budget

The organisation will need financial means to carry out various international operations, for example development aid or humanitarian aid. Countries will therefore have to subsidise the UN budget.

The Security Council

The UN Security Council has three seats, following the Cold War (the last event in the game) the three countries that currently occupy the council are South Africa, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Each member has a veto power that can be applied to resolutions at the General Assembly, to limit abuse a member can only use their veto once every 7 days. Other bonuses will be applied to the members of the council, for example a military bonus. At each event the most deserving countries in the game will have the chance to have a seat on the council.

International resolutions

The list is not exhaustive and will be extended as updates are made.

  1. Development aid: Allows a country to receive financial aid for its development.
  2. Humanitarian aid: This resolution is not yet implemented, it will allow a country in difficulty (political crisis or natural disaster) to receive aid from the United Nations in addition to a political stability bonus.

Treaties and sanctions

One of the most exciting upcoming updates is that the assembly will be able to vote on international treaties on different areas, for example the world economy and trade, war, environmental protection and global warming. The assembly will be able to vote on sanctions for countries that do not comply with the treaties.