Military bases and next updates

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What would modern armies(such as the US army) be without their many military bases around the world? There are more than 800 US military bases around the world. These are the basis of American military power, the country can supply its troops with ammunition, equipment, etc., across the world.

The next game update will introduce military bases. It will therefore be possible to build two types of bases, land bases and naval bases.

The bases will offer their country bonuses for supplies, training, etc.

Supply of troops

A significant supply capacity is necessary to allow a country to add or withdraw war material (combat tanks, anti-tank guns, frigates, cruisers, etc.) to its military units (divisions and fleets).

The country's territory

The first factor that determines a country's supply capacity is its size, the more region the country has, the higher its supply capacity will be. However, a limit will be applied to the calculation so as not to penalize the small countries too much.

Military bases

The second factor is the number and level of military bases in the country, the more military bases a country has, the greater its supply capacity will be.

The training bonus

Your fellow citizens will receive a training bonus if your country has military bases, for example the training of sailors can be improved with many naval bases.
The size of the bonus depends on the number of bases and their levels.

Upcoming updates

Battle bonus

Land bases will be able to offer battle bonuses to soldiers during battles, for example if your country is attacked on a region and this region has a land base, the soldiers who fight will receive a battle bonus.

Air forces

One of the biggest updates will be the introduction of the Air Force, so far each country has only an Army (divisions) and a Navy (fleets). The Air Force will therefore arrive with new units (fighter plane, bomber, ...), a new factory and new missions (patrol, bombardment, interception, ...)


Currently all the information is public, ie it is possible to know the adversary's military reserves, for example the number of tanks or nuclear warheads he has. It is also possible to know the country's supply capacities and the enemy units' points of action.

Once the espionage system is implemented all this information will become private, it will be necessary to do espionage to recover it and counterintelligence to protect it.

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