Hello everyone,

I play Europa universalis and War of Republics during my free time to perfect my skills, Julius Caesar

Who am I ?

I am the founder and developer of the War of Republics project, in the game players call me Admin, sometimes Socrates (reference to the Plato of eRepublik ^^).

My favorite games

Before explain you my project I will give you some insights on my favorite games

At first there was Age of Empires

Like most people of my generation, I got interested in video games very early in my life, I still remember the day my mother took me to the shop and bought my first Age of Empires, it was Age of Empires 2. I really liked this game, collecting resources, constructing buildings, raising armies and conquering the world.

The golden age of browser games

Later I discovered another kind of strategy game, i.e, browser games, no more downloading, no more waiting for hours (I didn't have ADSL yet, so it was important), games were available directly from my web browser. The first of its kind was Ogame, a Space Opera in which you are the head of a planet, your objective is to conquer other planets, build fleets and beat other players. Travian was also popular at the time, a game on the same principle but taking place during antiquity, they are no longer planets but villages. Other games rocked my teenage years, for example Ikariam and Greepolis.

The discovery of eRepublik

Most of the games mentioned above use the same basic mechanisms, namely a mixture of Construction and management simulation(village, city or planet) and strategy wargame(politics and war), eRepublik is different since it mixes elements of Role-Playing and elements of strategy. You are no longer at the head of an intergalactic empire (Ogame) or a kingdom of antiquity (travian), you are a simple citizen, like the other players, and the role of all of you is to make your country.

What now ?

Later I discovered Europa Universalis, this game was a real slap in the face for me, the game takes place on a world map, over a period of three centuries, with elements of economic, commercial, diplomatic and military management. I also discovered Civilization, a simpler game, more "fun", but still very additive.

About War of Republics

So the first question likely to be "What is War of Republics ?", to be simple, it's a eRepublik-like alternative, but the game have lot of mechanisms that differ.

  • A real industry system(crafting): for example players can collect iron and coal in mines, then use them to make steel in a factory, finally use the steel to make machine part, canon, missile, tank, helicopter, ...
  • Create and invest in businesses
  • A real government simulation
  • Research system to improve war materials
  • More than twenty skills to improve(agriculture, research, metallurgy, ...)

Next updates

There is currently no specific roadmap for the development of the game, that will change in the next few weeks, pending here are some of the next updates.

Help your friends

Allowing players to help each other with bonuses, for example an experience bonus to a weaker player.


This new building will offer a studying bonus to help citizens of the country.

Military bases

These new buildings will provide the country's soldiers and sailors with a training bonus.

Peace proposal

Currently it is impossible to offer peace to an enemy country, the only solution is to wait until 30 days pass, that will have to change.

Maritime blockade

War fleets can be used to block the movement of goods from enemy countries.

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