Hello everyone,

Welcome to the War of Republics development blog, for those new to this game, War of Republics is a browser-based strategy game.

Presentation of the game

I discovered the world of browser strategy games a long time ago, I had started with Ogame and Travian style games. Much later I discovered eRepublik, then its other clones (eRevollution, eDominations and e-sim), I immediately clung to the principle of the game, a virtual world similar to ours, in which you can become president of your country, army commander, industrialist, ..., but almost at the same time I was struck by the lack of depth of these games, that's what War of Republics tries to answer.

Importance of the economy

The game incorporates a complete economy, ranging from resource gathering to industrial production and technological research.

Difficult to win the war without a well-equipped army

Modern warfare needs equipment at the cutting edge of technology, it is difficult to win a war today without battle tanks, anti-missile defense systems, ..., but each of these equipment needs an industrial arsenal of upstream point, steelworks, military plant, ...

National interest

Your territory defines your possibilities in terms of resource extraction and access to the seas (and therefore to commercial areas), win battles to extend your influence.

My inspirations

My first inspiration was eRepublik, War of Republics seeks to take back the mechanisms and basic principles but still strongly differs from it, for example economics, politics and war are more realistic and complete.
Apart from eRepublik the game is inspired by Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, ..., the end goal is to be a grand strategy game.