I. Description of the Event

1) Productivity bonus (X4, only for small countries)

Industry is the basis of the game, the conquest of new territory requires a powerful industry. Large farms to feed the soldiers and large industrial complex to produce tanks, helicopters, missile launchers, frigates, ...

2) Supply bonus (X4, only for small countries)

The supply capacities of countries are currently a function of the size of their territory, the larger a country the more it is able to mobilize unity.

3) Determination

The determination to defend one's territory or to recover it will be much greater.

Small countries: countries with less than 5 regions.

II. Why such an event?

The game is currently in its infancy, a few countries have already acquired significant power (industry and military), for example the United States, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Something is therefore needed that can allow new powers to emerge, which should also have an impact on the geopolitics of the game.

III. Will it be renewed?

This event will be repeated at regular intervals to balance the game between little countries and big countries.